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We are a digital edu-practical platform, here to connect companies with top-notch talent from universities across the globe. Companies get to realize their projects with the support of teams of students, accompanied by the company’s representative (project manager) as well as a university representative (academic advisor with practical experience) ensuring projects are delivered on time and with quality. The career services office of the university acts as a mediator, or follow-up agent for the whole duration of the project, dealing with all the burocracias in terms of the legal aspects, HR and performance management.

Optimizing the knowledge of companies by providing customised teams to work with, based on student attributes classified and sorted via Artificial Intelligence, allowing young talent to start working on Real-life projects, resulting in compensation, performance-based rating, and a network of highly talented young professionals.


Your company gets access to a wide pool of international talents. You post the project requirements and Artificial Intelligence sorts out the universities ranking highest in related fields. You select a university, and we sort out the best team formations of students and an academic supervisor based on attributes such as technical expertise, average ratings, educational background, and more.


TeamPro was created to allow students like you to gain practical work experience in a relevant field while studying. Thinking of experiencing different types of corporate projects before deciding on a career path? Curious about how theoretical knowledge is applied in real life? Looking to earn while you learn to support your own expenses? If yes, then you have come to the right platform at the right time :)

University Career Services

TeamPro, connects corporate projects to students based on an intelligent combination of attributes of students’ profiles with the project’s requirements. You as the career services officer will be the agent responsible for providing a customised follow-up service linking companies with student teams in terms of the burocracias, including legal aspects, HR aspects, and performance management. Allowing you to optimise your university’s project placement service and jumping up the ranking boards.


Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

I got some real amazing talent. The students are really skilled. Really nice

Sara Wilsson


I got some real amazing talent. The students are really skilled. Really nice

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

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Matt Brandon


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Emily Harison

Store Owner

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